Plastics technology

Plastium – Your experts in plastics technology

Plastics have been among the most important materials in industry for decades. Over the years, the demands in plastics technology have changed radically. Highest quality and a long service life of the manufactured parts are still essential. However, these specifications should be in line with a sustainable approach and, of course, the cost pressure of the industrial sector.

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Why plastic processing with injection molding??

Using injection molding for plastics processing allows you to implement the most complex designs. Through the prior, precise production of molds and tools, the liquid material can be shaped into almost any conceivable form before curing. Subsequent assembly with other plastic parts or workpieces made of other materials is also no problem.

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Your advantages with Plastium Kunststofftechnik

  • We have many years of experience with customers in various industries. So we are able to understand your requirements in plastics processing and quickly show you the appropriate solutions.
  • From analysis, design and sampling to long-term quality assurance, we attach great importance to providing support throughout the entire life cycle. This means that you can rely on a reliable contact partner at every stage.
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Different methods at a glance

Over the past decades, processes have become established in plastics processing that we reliably apply with our large machine park. Some have a greater tradition, others are innovative and allow you new freedom in plastics technology. Our leading processes include:

2C injection molding

In this process, we combine two plastics that have different material properties to form a component. Whether density, strength or other criteria, a reliable connection of the plastics to components and assemblies becomes effortless.

Assembly injection molding

In plastics processing, we combine injection molding and assembly with other plastic or metal parts. The advantage is that the finished part can be produced in just one operation. This is made possible by individually equipped tools and machines that we design for you.

Insert molding and screw-on technology

If you need threads for screws or pins, we implement them using two special processes. Insert molding involves overmolding a thread made of metal or plastic. With the screw-on technique, the thread is instead inserted directly into your plastic part.

Rapid prototyping for quick success

With Plastium as your partner in plastics processing, you choose another strength: rapid prototyping! We know that, in addition to costs, the time factor is essential to act competitively and respond quickly to customer requests. Thanks to the latest possibilities of digital design and simulation, we can deliver a usable prototype comparatively quickly.

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Full service for modern plastics technology

With Plastium, you rely on state-of-the-art plastics processing from a single source. We accompany you throughout your entire process, often divided into these phases:

  • Idea generation and product development according to customer requirements
  • Design, modeling and rapid prototyping
  • Production of molds and sampling
  • Application of the injection molding process according to customer requirements
  • lLong-term quality assurance
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Is it worth converting my existing process technology?
Many of our customers are familiar with classic plastics technology processes and apply them operationally. It is often overlooked that a conversion of production to modern processes is accompanied by major cost advantages in the long term. This is where Plastium sees itself as an independent consultant. We analyze your current production methods and show you possible alternatives. After this, you have all the freedom to decide how you want to design your future parts production.
How quickly can plastics production begin?
Thanks to our rapid prototyping approach, we can start series production of your new plastic products comparatively quickly. There are two prerequisites for this. On the one hand, a clear profile of the plastic part for which you supply all important parameters is important for rapid development. On the other hand, clarity should be created quickly through intensive cooperation and direct feedback.
Which process is most worthwhile from a business perspective?
It is not possible to make a blanket statement about which process you should rely on in the future. Factors such as the desired number of pieces, the properties of the material, and your ideas about quality and budget all play a role. The Plastium team will carry out a comprehensive analysis in order to present you with the best process on a well-founded basis.