Assembly injection molding

Assembly injection molding for the highest demands

It is not always technically possible to produce a component or workpiece by injection molding using a mold alone. Often, a joining of several individual parts is desired, which, for example, consist of plastics with different properties. The joining of plastic with a metal thread or other materials is also common, depending on the industry and the project.

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Assembly injection molding – versatile in use

Thanks to advantages such as the possibility of function integration or the comparatively cost-conscious implementation, assembly injection molding is one of the most important processes of all in plastics technology. The application areas of the method are diverse and range from lightweight construction or the creation of hybrid structures to the production of complex machine elements.

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Contact us now and learn more

If you would like to discover an alternative to previously used processes with assembly injection molding, come and talk to us. We will familiarize you with the advantages of this type of production and other variants of modern injection molding. The Plastium team appreciates your trust and will be happy to share its expertise with you.

Quality in only one production run

Even if several components are assembled into a complete part or assembly, you do not have to fear the use of different machines. Everything is manufactured within the framework of one machine, which is precisely designed for the respective production process. From injection molding of the plastic parts to final assembly, this eliminates unnecessary production and transport routes.

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Assembly injection molding full service

As a partner in the development and production of plastic parts and thermoplastic components, Plastium also accompanies you throughout the entire process in assembly injection molding. This includes, for example, these project steps:

1. Development

If you only have a vision of a new plastic part so far, we can help you with product development. Our engineers and technicians will sit down with you and find the right approach so that your future product from assembly injection molding meets all the requirements of you and your customers.

2. Design & tooling

Based on joint product development, we design your future part with state-of-the-art technical support. Get a three-dimensional picture of your future project at an early stage. Once we have agreed on an implementation that meets your requirements in terms of quality and price, we take over the associated mold and tool making.

3. Assembly injection molding

For the actual production, we clarify which injection molding process is most suitable according to your ideas. In addition to assembly injection molding, this can lead to classic 2- or multi-component injection molding or special processes such as insert molding. In any case, your products will be produced ready for series production and with high performance.

4. Quality assurance

You want to ensure that your finished components and the tools you use will still be convincing in months and years to come. In the area of quality assurance, we support you with comprehensive analyses and reliable documentation. We are happy to carry out a certification of the production, which gives your customers additional security.


Flexibly specify properties of the material

The end products after the finished assembly injection molding impress with their variety and flexibility. Flat or compact components in various shapes can be implemented just as easily as force-fit and form-fit components. Complex products such as electronic circuit carriers can be produced on a single machine and outshine other manufacturing processes, especially in terms of cost.

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Can injection molding and assembly always be combined?
From experience we know how often the production and assembly of different plastics and other materials can be combined. Depending on the project and the desired properties of the finished product, there may be limits so that the entire production cannot be implemented with one machine. Generally, however, our engineers are pleased to face complex challenges that can be solved with unique machines and tools. Combined assembly injection molding in just one production run is therefore always our goal.
Is assembly injection molding expensive?
There is an expense associated with the initial manufacture of molds or machines so that your production can be done by assembly injection molding in the future. In the long term, however, this decision is the best choice economically. After all, you will save time and effort in production, as you will manufacture components and assemblies in just one manufacturing step in the future.
Should I have my current production reviewed?
If you have been relying on the same type of production with subsequent assembly of the individual parts for many years, it is particularly worthwhile to contact us. It is often overlooked that the combination offers valuable savings potential for the company. This keeps it competitive and makes it easier to stand out from direct competition in the plastics industry with new and well thought-out products.