Plastics technology Karlsruhe –
cost-conscious solutions with Plastium

Your experts for plastics processing

For workpieces and assemblies made of plastic, quality and exact dimensions are essential.

As specialists in plastics technology for Karlsruhe and other locations, we help you to implement products exactly according to your specifications and operational needs.

We cooperate with companies from various industrial sectors and also accompany your plastics processing for Karlsruhe in areas such as automotive, medical, building or packaging technology with experience and high professional competence.

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Our plastics technology services for Karlsruher

For the processing of plastics and the manufacture of innovative products, we accompany our customers with 360° support. From the initial idea to the market-ready product, we are also at your company’s side and take a clearly structured approach:

1. Development of your product

At the beginning of every plastic product is the vision to enrich the market with something really new. We help you turn your vision into concrete ideas for a product. Together with you, we implement your product idea and show you all options in areas such as material properties, quality and budget.

2. Design of the product

For the design of your new plastic product, we rely on proven CAD software. So experience live on screen how your new product will look like and view it from all sides. With our powerful 3D printing, you will have a model of the future part in your hands promptly for feedback.

3. Injection molding manufacturing

With our modern injection molding machines, we can manufacture the desired product for you in any batch size. We use familiar and innovative methods to achieve the desired product quality with minimal variance in production – even for complex shapes of your components.

4. Assembling your components

For assembling individual components into a complete assembly or a final product, Plastium is also the right partner for plastics technology for Karlsruhe. We carry out professional assembly so that you can take the finished product directly into your portfolio and market it successfully.

5. Quality assurance

With our DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification, we place the highest value on quality in our products and the handling of our products. Even after a successful project, we therefore maintain further contact with you and welcome feedback to improve our services in the future.

Plastic packaging – our useful addition

Even if your company does not rely on plastics processing for Karlsruhe or other locations, we can help you with our portfolio. As a specialist for plastic packaging, we help you to safely transport components and end products made of metal, plastic and many other materials to the dealer or customer.

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Your plastics experts – just get to know us!

You are looking for a reliable, external partner to take care of your plastics processing for Karlsruhe and other locations with an excellent price-performance ratio. Contact us today without obligation and find out how Plastium can enrich your plastics engineering for Karlsruhe, Stuttgart and other locations.

Whether you are looking to implement new plastics products or are looking for a cost-conscious alternative for your current production, we can help. Get to know us and experience how state-of-the-art production forms and top service can help your company achieve new successes.n.

FAQ about plastics technology Karlsruhe

What processes does Plastium use?
In line with your desired product, we use processes that have a long tradition or correspond to the latest possibilities in plastics processing. These include, for example, 2-component injection molding, assembly injection molding, and processes such as insert molding or screw-on technology for the integration of a metallic thread. We will be happy to advise you on which process is suitable for your particular plastic product.
For which industries is Plastium active?
With many years of experience, we serve customers from almost all branches of industry. We are active in Karlsruhe, throughout Baden-Württemberg and beyond the borders of Germany for companies in areas such as power engineering, electrical engineering, health care, chemicals and many other branches of industry. With our expertise, we can show you suitable solutions for your particular industry, so that the plastic used meets the requirements of your business partners and end customers.
Can I reduce my production costs with Plastium?
Until now, many of our customers have relied on other production partners. If these do not use the most modern machines and processes in plastics technology for Karlsruhe and other locations, production can take place at unnecessarily high costs. Plastium as a production partner can save you from this under certain circumstances. We will be happy to calculate this individually after contacting you.