Insert Molding & Unscrewing Technology

Insert Moulding

The integration of threaded inserts, cylindrical pins and special inserts made of metal or plastic are typical application examples for insert molding or insert technology in our production. Here, we strive to implement solutions that are as fully automated as possible in order to ensure optimized production costs while meeting high quality requirements. However, depending on the application, manual feeds are also a practice.

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Whether you want to overmold threads with plastic or integrate them directly into the plastic – Plastium will find the right solution for you. Evaluated according to business criteria and other parameters, you are in the best hands with your injection molded parts. Simply make an inquiry without obligation to convince yourself of our working methods and competence.

Unscrewing technology

Depending on the application, an alternative to the integration of metal threads can be the forming of internal threads on the plastic part itself. We use unscrewing technology for a large number of products. We have built up a competence in this area that our customers have relied on for many years. We use the following unscrewing methods in production:

  • Rack and pinion
  • Steep thread spindle
  • Hydraulic motor/gear drive
  • Unscrewing by servo motor
  • Collapsible core
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What are the advantages of insert molding in injection molding?
  1. Cost efficiency: as the embedding of the insert in the plastic takes place in a single production step, costs for additional assembly steps can be saved.
  2. Reduction in the number of assemblies: by integrating metal parts into the plastic part, the number of individual parts required can be reduced, which shortens assembly time and reduces the complexity of the assembly.
  3. Increased durability: embedding metal parts into the plastic part creates a strong bond, ensuring greater strength and durability of the final product.
  4. Design flexibility: by embedding metal parts, more complex designs can be achieved as multiple components can be combined into a single part.
  5. Improved performance: the use of metal inserts can also improve the performance of the final product by improving heat dissipation, electrical conductivity and wear resistance./span>
  6. Weight savings: weight savings can be achieved through the use of lightweight metal inserts, which is particularly important in automotive and aerospace applications.

Overall, insert molding offers a variety of benefits, including cost savings, increased durability, design flexibility and improved performance, making it a popular process in plastic part manufacturing.

What are the advantages of unscrewing technology in injection molding?
With the unscrewing technology, cost advantages are created by the elimination of inserts and the associated elimination of handling processes.