Injection molding Stuttgart –
individual products with Plastium

Contemporary injection molding for unique products

The production of workpieces and end products by means of injection molding is one of the most important processes for manufacturing high-quality products exactly to customer specifications. Plastium accompanies you as an experienced specialist in injection molding for Stuttgart and nationwide and helps you with the highest expertise in the implementation of your product ideas.

We are a renowned contact partner for dozens of companies in industries such as automotive, electrical engineering or medical technology, and we also support your company in conception and implementation.

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Injection molding Stuttgart – our approach in profile

Our goal is to accompany the development and production of your injection molded parts in full service. We follow a proven process in several steps, which also fits your wishes in the production of durable and high-quality products and workpieces:

1. Development of your products

It often starts with a basic idea or an initial concept of how you would like to add a new plastic part to your range of products. Come to us with your idea and we will show you how it can be implemented using modern injection molding processes. With many years of experience, we will familiarize you with alternatives if there is room for maneuver in terms of the quality and nature of the product or if you specify a clear cost framework.

2. Construction of the plastic part

For the design of your new part by injection molding, we make a design by CAD software. Not only is a three-dimensional representation of the finished workpiece possible on the computer screen. Technical properties can also be easily adjusted via software and help to optimize the product. With the final 3D printing, you hold the prototype of your injection molded part in your hands.

3. Production by injection molding

For injection molding for Stuttgart and nationwide, we rely on innovative and powerful machines with intelligent control technology. With these, established and new manufacturing processes can be implemented precisely. The production of your injection molded parts is assured in almost any batch size with minimal variance in dimensions. The thermoplastic character of the materials used allows even the most complex shapes to be realized safely and reliably.

4. Assembly of the plastic parts

It is not always possible to produce complete components and workpieces “from a single mold”. Here we take over the assembly of individual plastic parts for you after injection molding to arrive at a complete assembly or a complete end product.

5. Quality assurance

We care about constantly improving product quality and service for you as a customer. With our DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification, quality assurance for you and future customers is close to our heart. We therefore continue to seek contact with you after the end of production and hope to be able to constantly develop our competencies through constructive feedback.

Sustainable injection molding for Stuttgart and nationwide

The manufacture of workpieces and assemblies has become over the decades. In addition to the desire for an upscale, long-lasting quality of the material, the sustainability of the products is coming to the fore. Products made of plastic are primarily accepted by the end customer if there is an ecological or sustainable concept behind the production and material.

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Come and talk to us

Would you like to learn more about our expertise in injection molding for Stuttgart and other locations? Arrange a free consultation with us and let us show you how thermoplastic processes can be used to implement first-class construction and work parts according to your specifications.

Plastic remains one of the most important materials in industry, capable of combining sustainability and robustness – our experts at Plastium will be happy to explain how your company can also benefit from modern injection molding.


What injection molding processes does Plastium use?
With our modern machinery, we are able to offer proven and innovative processes for the production of your injection molded parts. These include 2K injection molding, familiar assembly injection molding, insert molding and screw-on techniques to integrate metallic threads into your plastic parts. We will be happy to explain which process best meets your requirements.
Is the production of individual injection molded parts expensive?
Due to the high degree of individuality, it is necessary to calculate the production costs to suit your project. We are happy to orient ourselves to your budget and show you alternatives for achieving price advantages in injection molding without a direct impact on the quality of the end product.
Which performance fields does Plastium cover?
Our company produces plastic parts of all kinds by injection molding, which are used in all branches of industry. Whether electromobility, health care, sanitary engineering or plant engineering, we will be happy to support your company with our injection molding expertise.