Plastics technology Freiburg –
Plastium is your partner

Plastics processing for Freiburg with experience

For high-performance plastic products that set your Freiburg company apart from the competition, a strong production partner is crucial.

With Plastium, you can rely on an experienced partner in plastics processing for Freiburg and all of southern Germany. We manufacture plastic parts and end products for you using the most modern methods.

In addition to quality and price specifications, we are also guided by contemporary standards for the sustainability of your plastic products.

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Full service for all your plastic products

We accompany you as a high-performance partner along the entire path from the initial product idea to market maturity and ongoing production. As a specialist in plastics technology for Freiburg and other locations, we follow a tried and tested principle and are at your side as a communicative contact partner in all phases of product development and production:

1. Idea & conception

SYou have a first idea of a new plastic part? Or would you like to have your current production reviewed by an industry expert? We would be happy to check whether your new product idea is ready for the market or how you can improve your current production. In doing so, we focus on areas such as quality, price or material and show you alternatives to your current production.

2. Modeling & design

For new impulses in plastics processing for Freiburg and other locations, we make your product ideas tangible. Using modern CAD software, we show you on screen what your new plastic part will look like. In the next step, you can hold this in your hands thanks to our powerful 3D printers. Together with your feedback, we develop from this a plastic part that can go into production.

3. Manufacturing

For the implementation of your new plastic part, we rely on powerful machines that implement your product idea in precise injection molding. Here you are assured of a high-quality implementation with a minimum of variance. As a specialized company for plastics processing for Freiburg and other locations, we implement your plastic products in almost any batch size for you in a price-conscious manner..

4. Assembly

SIf the manufacture of your product takes place “in one cast”, we will gladly take over the assembly of your subassemblies or end products. Describe us your desired production steps, which we will hand over into trustworthy hands. In this way you save your company further trouble and have the certainty that your products will be assembled on time and in the desired quality.

5. Quality assurance

Our company follows the specifications of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and thus places the highest value on quality management. We therefore keep in touch with you even after a successfully completed project and welcome feedback of any kind. In this way, we can improve our service as a specialist in plastics technology for Freiburg and other locations and better assist you in future projects.

Protect products with Plastium plastic packaging

As a versatile partner for everything to do with plastics, we also apply our expertise and our high-performance machines to other industries. With Plastium Packaging, you benefit from well thought-out packaging solutions, even if your business does not actively rely on plastics processing for Freiburg and other locations.

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Contact now

If you are looking for a new plastics technology partner for Freiburg or other locations in southern Germany, get in touch today. The Plastium team appreciates your interest and is ready to assist you with inquiries from any industry with a high level of expertise and creative product ideas.

Experience how individual, cost-conscious and sustainable the processing of plastics can be with true industry experts. Together with our ideas in the field of packaging, Plastium will also become your long-term partner for the contemporary use of plastics.


Can I reduce operating costs with modern plastics technology?
In our experience, companies often rely on the same plastics manufacturing partner for years. This can mean accepting expensive production costs without looking for alternatives. With a change to a new plastics processing partner for Freiburg, manufacturing costs can thus often be lowered.
What plastics engineering processes does Plastium use?
Our company’s main methods include 2K injection molding, assembly injection molding for larger assemblies, and insert molding. The combination of plastic and threads made of metal is also possible with our modern machines for plastic processing.
In which industries does Plastium help?
Plastium is a plastics technology partner for Freiburg and the southern German region of all industrial sectors. This includes companies in environmental and energy technology, electrical engineering, the production of car parts and furniture and much more. We would be happy to show you how we can also help your company in a professional manner.