Injection Molding & Assembly

Plastics processing at the highest level

For more than 50 years, our main business has been processing technically demanding thermoplastic parts by means of various process technologies (1-K; 2-K; multi-K; inmold technology; IMD; IML; chemical foaming, etc.)….

Modern machines, a wide range of processes and production control via a modern Proses control station, ensure reliable output in almost any batch size at competitive prices – this is what we offer our customers. From the individual parts we assemble subassemblies for you in small or large series. With the assembly in our house we simplify your production process and deliver highest quality directly to your final assembly.

Special requirements are no problem for us

With our more than 100 injection molding machines in the range from 20to to 450to, we manufacture high-precision components from all common thermoplastics. Also the processing of special polymers like PEEK, PEAK, PAI, PPS, PEI, PI, PPSU, PA, PC, PBT, TPU, bioplastics etc. is commonplace for us. We also have the possibility to print your plastic parts by means of tampon, screen or digital printing. In addition, we offer ultrasonic welding to join parts into functional assemblies.

50 years of experience – highest precision and quality

Highest efficiency is our goal. Production that is as fully automated as possible, including separation of parts, palletizing of finished parts and feeding in insert molding, ensure speed, freedom from defects and, above all, optimized production costs without compromising on quality requirements.

Here, we pay particular attention to precision and tolerances, as well as ensuring conformity to drawings. Adherence to deadlines, quality and the precision of our work are particularly important to us.

Our approach


Products to market maturity without unnecessary optimization loops.


Determination of all relevant project criteria and specifications.


Creation of prototypes, e.g. as 3D-printed components.


Formulation and definition of the concept for product implementation.

We take over the assembly of your components

When we talk about process chains, we don’t stop at injection molding. For us, the assembly of individual thermoplastic parts into subassemblies is part of the process. No matter whether for small or large series. We assemble the parts we have injection molded into a unit in the very next process step.

With the assembly in our house we simplify your production process and deliver highest quality directly to your final assembly.


Can Plastium assembly also be fully automatic?
In principle, there is the possibility of fully automatic assembly with given economic efficiency. Since most machines are equipped with linear handling systems, they can also be combined with cobots if required; this also allows assembly directly on the machine.
What support can Plastium offer for material selection?
The product to be manufactured essentially determines the material selection. In particular, the requirements with regard to e.g. hardness, resilience, elasticity, temperature resistance, weight, conductivity, fire protection, biocompatibility, surface structure, price, etc. lead to the optimum materials with which even narrow tolerances can be maintained in the injection molding process.
How flexible is the injection molding production at Plastium?
Plastium has a high number of machines with universal units that can be used in a highly flexible manner. Short-term production plan adjustments due to customer requirements are a matter of course for us.