Plastium – Your partner for plastics technology Stuttgart

Plastics processing for Stuttgart from the expert

Thanks to modern plastics technology, you are able to manufacture almost any type of workpiece or end product in exact dimensions. With Plastium, you can rely on an experienced contact partner in the field of plastics technology for Stuttgart and the whole of Germany, who will implement your ideas and wishes with the highest level of expertise. Whether medical technology, electrical engineering, sanitary and building technology, automotive, furniture or packaging technology – we accompany you from the initial product idea to professional implementation.

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Plastics technology for Stuttgart – our services in profile

With Plastium, you rely on an expert in plastics processing for Stuttgart and nationwide, who accompanies you in full service. Based on your specifications, we implement projects from the initial brainstorming to the market-ready product. We accompany you and your company through these steps:

1. Produktentwicklung

Sie haben die Vision von einem neuen Produkt, das Ihr Portfolio erweitern soll? Wir verhelfen Ihnen bei der konkreten Entwicklung des Produkts und zeigen auf, was sich mit modernster Kunststoffverarbeitung für Stuttgart und andere Standorte Ihres Unternehmens erreichen lässt. Wir bringen langjährige Erfahrung in die Produktentwicklung ein und zeigen Ihnen Alternativen auf, welche Spielräume in Qualität, Kosten und Art Ihrer geplanten Produkte denkbar sind.

2. Design

Once we have agreed on a concept for your new product, our experts take care of the design. By means of CAD software, you will soon get a plastic, three-dimensional overview of your new product or tool on the computer screen. With 3D printing of your factory parts and components, reliable tests can be carried out. In this way, you can avoid unwanted surprises when it comes to serial plastic processing for Stuttgart and the whole of Germany.

3. Injection molding

We have modern injection molding machines in which we can produce the designed workpieces in the desired quantity. We rely on a number of established processes that guarantee reliable results with minimal variance in almost any batch size. Injection molding using thermoplastic materials makes it easy to produce even complex-shaped components and workpieces.

4. Assembly

Our plastics technology services for Stuttgart and other locations also include the assembly of individual plastic parts. If your products do not come “from a single mold”, we will gladly add this manufacturing step as a final step. In this way, you always receive the finished end product from Plastium, which can go directly to the market or is suitable for further processing in your company.

5. Quality assurance

With a quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, we attach long-term importance to the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. For us, a plastics technology project for Stuttgart and other locations does not end with the delivery of the product. We stay in contact with our customers and systematically keep track of all developments and work steps. This enables us to work even better for you in the future.

Plastium Packaging – the diversity of modern packaging

Even if your company does not need products made of high quality plastic, Plastium Packaging covers an important division of all industrial companies. High-quality packaging that exactly fits your products helps protect them during storage and transportation.

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Contact us now and experience our expertise

If you would like to outsource your plastics processing tasks from Stuttgart to an external partner, please contact us. We will be happy to clarify in an initial, non-binding consultation what is technically possible and how we can meet your wishes for high-quality products and packaging.

The Plastium team appreciates your interest and will be happy to familiarize you personally with the many possibilities of plastic as a contemporary material!


For which industries is Plastium active?
Our customers include companies from all industrial sectors as well as commercial enterprises that rely on robust and high-quality packaging. For example, we serve customers from sectors such as electrical engineering, sanitary engineering, health care, plant engineering and electromobility. We are sure to find solutions for your company, too, in order to use the latest plastics technology for Stuttgart and other locations.
Which procedures are used?
Our production machines are technically up to date and implement plastic products in injection molding according to customer specifications. We rely primarily on 2K injection molding, classic assembly injection molding as well as insert molding and screw-on technology for the integration of metallic threads.
How expensive is custom plastic processing?
The production of plastic products must always be calculated individually. Numerous factors, from the nature of the product to the complexity of production and the desired batch size, come into play. We will be pleased to submit a quotation to you at an early stage in the design phase and provide an expert estimate of the manufacturing costs.