2K injection molding

Two-component injection molding in one operation

Another core competence of Plastium GmbH is the production of direct bonded molded parts in the variants:

  • Thermoplastic and thermoplastic elastomer (plastic & TPE)
  • Combination of two thermoplastics (plastic & plastic)
  • Thermoplastic and silicone

The applications of these composite molded parts are very diverse and offer decisive cost and functional advantages.

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Only one production run to the applied part

What distinguishes 2-component injection molding from other processes?

The greatest advantage lies in the combination of two materials to form a finished application part in just one production run. This reduces effort and time in production and forms the basis for modern and efficient production.

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You would like to use the 2K injection molding process in a cost-conscious way?

We provide you with competent advice and support in the design of your components, the application-related material selection or your ideas for cost savings through composite molded parts. We offer expert knowledge built up over the years on mold and technology design and the various possible material combinations.

Now using Plastium 2K injection molding efficiently

If we realize during the planning phase that the 2K injection molding process is not suitable for your purposes, we will be happy to familiarize you with alternatives. From insert molding and screw-on technology with metallic components to assembly injection molding, Plastium covers a wide range of manufacturing methods. We are especially happy to help young companies find the ideal manufacturing form for innovative products.

Contact us today if you are interested in developing and producing unique plastic parts. Whether 2K injection molding or another process, with us you are assured of reliable and cost-conscious implementation. The Plastium team looks forward to meeting you and supporting your new injection molded parts throughout their life cycle.


Is the 2K injection molding process suitable for my products?
If you are considering 2-component injection molding as an alternative for your production for the first time, we will be happy to analyze its individual suitability. In most cases, the process is ideal for reliably combining plastics with different properties.
Can I usefully complement 2K injection molding and assembly?
With suitable assemblies, 2K injection molding can be combined well with assembly solutions in the mold.
What are the main potential savings from 2K injection molding?
Der 2K-Spritzguss bietet eine 2K injection molding offers a variety of potential savings, including:

  1. Reduction in assembly steps
  2. Material and weight savings
  3. Reduction in scrap
  4. Increased efficiency
  5. Reduction in tooling and manufacturing costs

Overall, 2K injection molding offers a number of potential savings that can lead to improved efficiency, increased productivity and lower costs.